Even in the event of Foreclosure, unpaid lender Balances or Penalties.

We can fix your mortgage problem so you can stay!

Our program is simple and easy!

About Us

What we want to do is to help. We want to help you STAY IN your home. We want your kids to remain in the school district they’re in so life remains as normal for them as possible. We want to help you rebuild your credit through a strong on-time payment history.

We understand that sometimes the challenges of life just happen – job loss, divorce, relocation, or even recently, circumstances related to economic challenges from Covid-19. And now you’re facing FORECLOSURE. Life just throws you a curveball…
So, you want to know who we are? Well, we’re not bill collectors or investors and We definitely are NOT trying to buy your home.

So, please…relax. We’re here to help. We’re just giving you an option.

We’re giving you a cure- Home Owner’s Cure.

And once we help you, please bless someone else by sharing the cure with them.

Our Services in


Get approved and keep your home even in the event of foreclosure, unpaid lender balances or penalties.  

step 1 Home Owners Cure


We collect basic details on your mortgage and home. 


Step 2 Home Owners Cure


You provide us with details on how far behind you are and what the penalties are. 

Step 3 Home Owners Cure

Step 3

We run our numbers and we bring your mortgage current and stop you from losing your home. 

So What Do We Expect In Return?

1. You keep the mortgage in your name.

2. You allow us to hold the title in our name for 12 months once we bring the mortgage current.

3. During the next 12 months you make your normal payments on your mortgage so you re-establish an on-time payment record.

4. At the end of 12 months you refinance the mortgage and put the title back into your name.
(When you effectively refinance the mortgage and put the title back into your name we split the equity you have in your home.
In short, we are partners from day one and we share the risk of getting you back on track and once you successfully complete the program we are paid and so are you.

You pay us nothing out of pocket from day one until we exit.)

5. After 12 months we split what equity there was which would have been lost had the problem not been fixed. You put your portion or your equity in your pocket and are back on track.

6. We keep helping more homeowners stay in their homes.

Frequent asked questions

So what happens after the 12 months?

You own your home and mortgage and are back to life as normal. 

What if something happens during the 12 months and I still can't make my payments?

We will change the program to a rental contract and we find an acceptable rental time frame that works for everybody. 

What if during the 12 months I want to just stop paying and leave the house ?

The Title will stay with us and we will either pay off the mortgage or refinance it into our name. You are free to leave, but you will walk away from any equity you might have had.

Can I tell my friends, coworkers and family about this program ?

 We are here to help as many people not lose their homes as possible so please tell everybody who this could help. 

Let Us Help You Keep Your Home

We can help keep you in your home and solve your problem quickly, effectively, and professionally.

Home sweet home - Las Vegas

We have helped many many families

keep their homes, you are welcome to be next!

We can help keep you in your home and solve your problem quickly, effectively, and professionally.